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““The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page. ””


Secrets don’t last long in this town, and I’m about to reveal the biggest one of all.

I’m always asked how I’m able to travel so often. Contrary to popular belief, I don’t have a trust fund, I haven’t won the lottery (yet) and I don’t have a sugar daddy funding my leisure expenses. What I do have is an airline hookup. In fact, I have several. My “connections” allowed me to purchase a round-trip ticket to Iceland for $350, sent my friend to South Africa for $300, got my colleague to Brazil for $140, and helped me snag a 2 for 1 flight deal to Australia and Indonesia for $780. This is a steal considering flights to Sydney or Bali typically start at $1600 a piece.

Question: what’s my secret?

Answer: flight deals.

You’ll find an influx of articles on Google about the best days and times to purchase cheap airfare. Most travel experts will recommend buying flights on a Tuesday after 3p.m. While that’ not a complete lie, I want you to take that information and dump it in the trash. You can find airfare deals any day of the week; you just need to know where to look.

Before heading to Expedia, Orbitz, Priceline or Kayak, search these sites first:

Quick Tips:

  • Be flexible with your dates (if possible). I saved over $500 on my trip to Europe last year, because I departed a month later than I had originally planned.
  • Don’t be afraid to depart from other cities. If you see a deal from another state/city, it may be cheaper to book a flight from there.
  • Don’t procrastinate! Some deals only last a few hours, so I recommend purchasing your tickets as soon as possible.

The secret is officially out! Grab your debit card, because it’s time to book a trip.

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7 thoughts on “Cheap flight strategies please!

  1. Wow, I knew there was always a way to get cheaper flights. All I had to do was keep searching the internet till I find the right link and now I think I’ve found one.
    Thanks for the info.

  2. You are right on point…

    One thing I would add is if you take advantage of a good travel agent they will definitely help you.

    Discount flights can be cheap but the experience can also be painful. Red eye flights, multiple connections, and long layovers can be a drag. Not to mention the time loss.

    Depending upon whether or not a destination is a hub for your favorite airlines your cost can fluctuate. If you travel light and not partial to one airlines you can take advantage of buying flights by the leg or ONEWAY on multiple airlines.

    Your friendly travel agent has a dashboard with every possible flight combination by route.

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