What is Urban Events Global?

Urban Events Global (UEG) was founded in 2011. What started as a camping trip in Texas among friends grew to a small (but large) travel group of friends, and friends of friends looking to enjoy and experience all that life has to offer. UEG is a collective group of people looking for a fun and exciting time while networking and checking off their bucket list items. If youโ€™re a solo traveler or a person that likes to travel in groups, we are the group for you. Our travelers vary per event, however, our general audience consists of hard-working African American professionals from across the United States that are ready to take on the world! Our team and group are made up of many experienced travelers who have a genuine passion for connecting with people. Weโ€™ve had the honor of servicing thousands of travelers throughout our history and look forward to sharing those experiences with you. Our core values center around having a good time and giving back to our communities. If this sounds like you, join us!

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This has been an awesome experience for us. Itโ€™s a one big family environment, and we felt really taken care of. Everybody is here with the same purpose, to have a good time!

This is my first cruise experience. Iโ€™m definitely glad I did it with the Urban Events crew. It was great to see so many more black people on the cruise. I think the black travel movement is phenomenal. I really enjoyed it!