About Urban Events Global

Kevin Knight is the visionary founder of Urban Events Global, a distinguished travel company that caters to a community of professional and adventure-seeking African Americans. Our esteemed travelers relish in the richness of life by participating in a multitude of group travel events that are designed to foster networking opportunities and connect like-minded individuals who share a passion for exhilarating experiences and exploration.

Our Vision

Urban Events Global is committed to creating a welcoming space where professional individuals of color can come together to connect through authentic and unconventional experiences across the globe. Through these innovative and bespoke events, our esteemed participants are offered a chance to unwind, forge new relationships, and revel in a lighthearted and carefree atmosphere. Our adventures are carefully curated to cater to varying group sizes, ranging from 400 to 2,000 travelers. Since its inception in 2011 as a humble camping trip, Urban Events Global has flourished to become a leading provider of unforgettable experiences, offering a range of events such as Urban Camp Weekend, Urban Excursion Weekend, Urban Cruise Weekend, and the annual UEG Meet Up.

In recognition of our unwavering commitment to excellence, Urban Events Global has been featured in BAUCE magazine’s “7-Black Owned Travel Groups That You and Your Squad Should Join Now” in 2017. We are honored to be recognized for our dedication to creating unique and inclusive events that foster genuine connections, lifelong friendships, and cherished memories.

How We Help

At Urban Events Global, we have a profound belief in the value of service to others, and we are committed to philanthropic efforts that benefit various charities and organizations. As part of our ongoing commitment to giving back, we have made significant contributions to a number of noble causes. For instance, we have generously supported the University of Texas at Austin Black Alumni Scholarship, which helps to provide opportunities for minority students to achieve their academic goals. Additionally, we have contributed to Develop University’s field day event, which is aimed at promoting character development, mentorship, and life coaching for youth of all ages. Furthermore, we have shown our unwavering support to the Star of Hope Christian-centered community, which is dedicated to providing essential services to homeless men, women, and their children.

We are proud to continue our mission of making a meaningful impact in the lives of others by seeking out new opportunities to be a blessing to those in need. At Urban Events Global, we believe that every small act of kindness has the power to create positive change and we are grateful for the chance to make a difference in the world.

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Kevin’s Story


I’ve literally been traveling since birth. I was born in Frankfurt, Germany, and grew up mainly in Louisiana and Texas with a sprinkle of South Carolina. My mother was in the US Army for 22 years before she retired; it afforded me the opportunity to travel, visit different places and forced me to meet and assimilate with many types of people and cultures. Anyone that understands the “Army Brat” life understands that your friends may come and go, but the knowledge and impression they leave on you can be everlasting. As a young kid, you never really knew when you’d have to move to the next spot, or when your best friend for the last year would be moving to another base. Keep in mind, my upbringings were prior to the internet and email, so staying in touch with your friends in grade school wasn’t really going to happen (no pen pal action.) Growing up in this environment forces you to enjoy your friends while they’re there, and seize every moment (hence my care-free attitude, zest for life and excuse for being bad with names/faces.)

So why start this company? Simple answer – people kept asking/telling me, “let me know the next time you fly out!” I finally called their bluffs and a couple hundred people actually came out!? The best part was being able to help my friends, family, and complete strangers enhance and enjoy their current friendships while forging new ones. A lot of our guests are either looking to experience new things, create some fun road trip stories or relive some old trip stories that they haven’t been able to recreate while “adulting.” It’s also personally gratifying to be able to have a business with a charitable component, and ability to give back to the communities and countries that we visit.


So anyway, 3 passports later, I secretly hope that our guests can have the same “awakening” I had back in 2000 during a study abroad program. Living in another country for a semester can really change your views on yourself, your own country, and the things you thought brought happiness.


When you’re able to see some of the poorest (money-wise) people on earth, happier than some of the richest (money-wise) people you know from back home in the US, it does something to you. You learn to not only appreciate what you have but how to appreciate life in a different way. The things we take for granted are truly exposed through travels… (I don’t want to bore you, so ask me the rest in person; I’m out!!!)

Kevin Knight




This picture has nothing to do with anything… It’s just my mom in 1975… #BlackGirlMagic