Barbados-Crop Over 2019-Carnival!!!

Are you ready to embark on an experience of a lifetime in Barbados!?  “Crop Over,” or Carnival as most of us would call it, is a large Caribbean festival filled with music, dancing, carnivals, etc!  The Crop Over tradition began in 1687, and has morphed into the largest Caribbean festival on the island!  Come join us as we come together to experience the Barbados culture during this festive time of year!

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Welcome to Barbados!  Urban Events Global invites you to live like a local and experience the island’s lively Crop Over Festival!   What some may call Carnival, Barbados calls “Crop Over!”  The six-week festival celebrates all that is Bajan with dusk till dawn parties, arts and crafts markets and a culinary-driven street fares.

Grand Kadooment Day celebrates the end of Crop Over, where Masquerade Bands make their way to Spring Garden highway with revelers dressed in sequin costumes decorated with colorful feathers, jewels, and bright accents; dancing behind music trucks and moving bars. The finale of Crop Over’s events makes this the island’s most exciting day of the year. As you will hear Bajans say: “Crop Over it sweet fuh days!”

The Crop Over celebration recalls the colonial past when sugar cane was king, and creativity abounds with indigenous art, craft, calypso, flower festivals, folk concerts and revelry at Foreday Morning. But it is Grand Kadooment – the climax of the festival – which generates the most heat, energy, and color! The event is great fun for everyone, even if you’re watching the masqueraders from the sidelines and not “jumping” in a costumed band.

Revellers, among whom are countless international celebrities, including their very own megastar, Rihanna, make their way through the streets in a kaleidoscope of color to the Spring Garden Highway, where the party continues well into the night with more revelry, music, food, and fireworks, set against the picturesque backdrop of Brighton beach.

The Crop Over Festival is a 3 month long festival of Barbadian music, arts, food, culture and so much more. Barbados ends the festivities with a grand carnival parade know as Kadooment Day. Kadooment is known as the biggest and sweetest carnival to end the Caribbean’s carnival season in August each year. The event starts early morning at the National Stadium and beautiful masquerade bands traverse the local city streets ending on Spring Garden highway late in the afternoon.!

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Schedule & Details

When: Wednesday, July 31st – Tuesday, August 6th, 2019

Where: Barbados!




Welcome to Barbados and the Crop Over experience!

Wednesday: July 31st, 2019

Check-in – Meet & Greet – Welcome to another UEG event!  Get settled in, and let’s get ready to enjoy Barbados!

Thursday: August 1st, 2019

We’ll be joining a signature Bajan party… Bacchanal Thursdays.

Friday: August 2nd, 2019

Mimosa Breakfast party in the morning (aka late Thursday night), and a very chic Bajan party Friday night!

Saturday: August 3rd, 2019

Foreday Morning party (aka late Friday Night), and Bliss Saturday night!

Sunday: August 4th, 2019

Let’s party on the water… Catamaran party!

Monday: August 5th, 2019

Grand Kadooment parade!

Tuesday: August 6th, 2019

Last minute shopping, and let’s head home!

*Detailed agenda will follow.

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***Airfare Not Included***

*All parties (fetes) are optional and not included within your purchase.*

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Crop Over (formerly called “Harvest Home”) is a traditional harvest festival which began in Barbados, having had its early beginnings on the sugar cane plantations during slavery. The crop over tradition began in 1687, and featured singing, dancing and accompaniment by bottles filled with water, shak-shakbanjotrianglefiddleguitar, and bones. Other traditions included climbing a greased pole, feasting and drinking competitions. Originally a celebration signaling the end of the yearly sugar cane harvest, it has since evolved into Barbados’ biggest national festival similar to Carnival in Brazil and Trinidad. With the harsh effects of World War II on Barbados, the festival was disbanded. It was later revived in 1974 by local stakeholders including Julian MarryshowFlora SpencerEmile Straker, and Livvy Burrowes with the Barbados Tourist Board.[1] With the gradual change, the general schematic of Crop Over began to closely mirror the Trinidad Carnival. Beginning in June, Crop Over runs until the first Monday in August when it culminates in the finale, The Grand Kadooment.

For the entire two months life for many islanders is one big party with a major feature of crop over being the calypso competition. Calypso music, originating in Trinidad, uses syncopated rhythm and topical lyrics and gives its exponents a medium in which to satirise local politics and comment on the issues of the day, while taking nothing away from the general bacchanal. Calypso tents, also originating in Trinidad, feature their cadre of calypsonians who perform biting social commentaries on the happenings of the past year, political exposés or rousing exhortations to wuk up or “wine up”, “jonesing”, roll de bumper, guh down (pronounced “dung”) and “six-thirty” dance. There are craft markets, food tents and stalls, street parties and cavalcades every week supplemented by daily events at Tim’s on the Highway, the new home of the Barbados Crop Over Festival.

Competition ‘tents’ ring with the fierce battle of calypsonians for the coveted Calypso Monarch Award. There are also the People’s Monarch and Party Monarchcompetitions. The People’s Monarch is a competition in which the public are given groups of songs; each group with two songs, and they vote until a winner is chosen. The Party Monarch competition, however, is chosen by a panel of judges and is based on presentation. Therefore, you may have the best song but not be able to make use of stage and props and not be crowned ‘Party Monarch King/Queen’. The competition is held on the Ermy Bourne Highway, commonly known as East Coast. The air is redolent with the exotic smells of Barbadian cooking during the Bridgetown Market Street Fair. Rich with the spirit of local culture, the Cohobblopot Festival blends dance and drama and music with the crowning of the King and Queen of costume bands. Every evening the ‘Pic-o-de-Crop’ Show is performed when finally the King of Calypso is crowned. The climax of the festival is Kadooment Day celebrated with a national holiday when costume bands fill the streets with Barbadian music and fireworks.

We have parties included, however, there are dozens of events to choose from!  We will have watch parties at the parades, private parties, and boat parties during the experience.  Don’t worry though, we’ll have you at the best parties on the island!

Yes.  There are several bands.  Some of our guests have their favorites, while some would like to simply watch from the sidelines!  We will provide information on several bands and where to get costumes if you choose.

Think Carnival, think Mardi Gras, think letting your hair down and just figuring it out!

  • The arrival and departure airport is Grantley Adams International Airport, airport code (BGI).
  • We provide complimentary roundtrip airport transfers in Barbados.

Our UEG Experiencers range between the ages of 20-60. As we’re sure you’ve noticed from our previous events and videos on YouTube, everyone is welcomed and will have fun!

There are no refunds. Tickets are transferable to other people, other Urban Camp Weekend events, or Urban Excursion Weekend events.

You will need about $200 USD. However, if you wish to buy several gifts, you should bring an additional $100.00 dollars or so.

The currency of Barbados is the Barbadian Dollar (BBD). The Barbadian Dollar is converted at the rate of $1.98 (BBD) to $1.00 (USD). The Barbadian Dollar is fixed to the U.S. Dollar and do not fluctuate. U.S. currency is accepted across the island and most stores and restaurants accept major credit cards.

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